12 January 2007

Hilaly is wrong!

Read the article on his latest anti- Australian value spew here: http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/hilalys-verbal-spray-on-convicts-english/2007/01/11/1168105115861.html

Some of what he said:

' Australia is not an Anglo-Saxon country - Islam has deep roots in Australian soil that were there before the English arrived ' Wrong, there were no and had not been any Muslims in Australasia when Cook landed.

' the most dishonest and unjust people are Western people and the English in particular ' I have no figures and neither does anyone else about which ethic group lie more, but who created the myth of the Great Satan?

' He said Australian law allowed freedoms that at times were "close to madness" ' I live in Sydney and don't know of any laws that allow mad freedoms. In fact we are less free than many other nations because we don't have a bill of rights.

' Australia had a third gender of "in-between people who are not male or female" '. I don't know what he means by this, but it sounds like vilification against anyone who is not a straight heterosexual.

I don't know if Hilaly is an Australian citizen. But if he believes everything he says and if he is an Australian citizen, he should renounce his citizenship. And if he is not, he should not come back!

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