08 September 2006

Merkava 5 in South Lebanon?

I came across a blog:

http://peace4palestine-housewife4palestine.blogspot.com/2006/08/israeli-merkava-tanks-fail-to-rise-to.html ( The page was taken down yesterday, some people just can't be shown to be wrong. )

It insisted that Israel used Merkava 2, 3 & 5s in South Lebanon recently.

Wrong! There is no such thing as a Merkava 5. The Merkava Mk4 is latest development.

Do a web search for Merkava 5, you will get some results. But there is no proof of it's existence. It appears that a Merkava 5 may have been in development, dropped for budget reasons in 2004. But this is not verifiable!

No Merkava 5 has ever been produced, nor is there any available drawings to indicate any development.




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